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Workforce Training

The Acuity Group’s Workforce Training helps its clients:

  • Build foundations of knowledge to achieve actionable business results

  • Promote the development of a high-performing agile workforce

  • Develop workforce proficiency in analytical skills, critical thinking and systems thinking

  • Enable sound, data driven, quality business products and solutions


We offer a full range of Training Services with specialized training in Department of Navy and Naval Aviation

Business Financial Management

Today’s demanding and ever changing Defense funding landscape requires highly effective, business and financial solutions.  The Acuity Group LLC specializes in the business financial management for program offices, and organizations receiving and managing DoD  funding.  We are a highly skilled solution provider of business and financial management solutions empowering you and your teamin effectively navigating the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) processes and engagement with Congress during their review of DoD and Navy program budgets.

Acquisition Management

Through our experience with developing, and reviewing the acquisition documentation required in 5000.2, we are able to provide expertise to assist a program in developing the portfolio of required documentation.

Program Management

Balancing the many factors that influence, cost, schedule and performance, program management required greater agility to quickly sense and adapt to external and internal changes to deliver cost-effective, timely results.  Through our experience working with major acquisition programs , we are able to provide the expertise to assist program and project managers with current, relevant, pertinent information regarding budgeting performance, data analysis, earned value management data, and program and  project reporting.

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